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The Heirloom Line

Timeless magic creating meaningful heirlooms.

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Mysterious Charmer


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Woodland Creature


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Forest Witch


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Painted Tees

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About Niole


We’re endlessly grateful for all that nature provides. It is our goal to give back to it with the help of our creative expression and we do so in several ways.

Sustainable Materials

All of our materials are locally sourced and ethically produced. Linen, the fabric we use for our apparel, requires minimal amount of water and irrigation, making it the most environmentally friendly natural fibre. 

Planting Trees

With each sale we support reforestation through One Tree Planted. We focus on areas that suffer most from deforestation and we change our donation recipients with each environmental emergency that arises (such as the forest fires).

Animal Protection

We have endless love for animals. That is why our materials are 100% vegan and produced in a cruelty free way. In addition to that, we donate 10% of our profits to World Animal Protection monthly.

Why Niole?

Premium Quality. Conscious Production. Noble Goals.


Shopping with us

Made To Order

All of the pieces from our Heirloom Line are made to order - meaning we sew them specifically for you upon your purchase. This gives us an opportunity to personalise your purchase and be economical with our supplies.

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Colour Palette

Our Heirloom Line is created to be customised to your personal preferences. We have a range of colours that you can choose for your garments. All the colours are inspired by the Baltic nature around us.

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Sizing Guide

You have the possibility to choose from our size range. We want the Made-To-Order pieces to fit you perfectly and we don’t mind making adjustments for specific figures.

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