About Niole

Inner light only has meaning when it's shared. 

Welcome to Niole! Our team consists of four women who came together to work on our sustainable clothing line. Our label is named after our muse, Nijole, who was always a beacon of light in our lives. Even though life wasn’t always easy, her presence would make everything instantly better - from her we learned that to live with purpose, we have to find our inner light and share it with the world.

Meet The Initiator

My name is Guste and I’m the one who started our label in September, 2019. I design, I do part of the sewing, I’m present on our social media and I most often answer your emails. I wasn’t always attracted to creating clothes, but being creative is my life long passion. It all started with music, moved on to fine art until I finally found my favourite tools for expression - fabrics and thread!

I studied sewing for 3 years before going to a university in Paris where I received my BFA degree in Fashion Design. After working with some Parisian fashion houses and costume design for theatre and movies, I found that I want to focus on sustainability and fashion that promotes self-love. I received my degree certificate in Sustainable Fashion and Textiles and I went the extra mile to learn more about it - I travelled to different countries, learned about the origins and production of different fabrics and went to traditional craftsmanship workshops, where local craft and fashion specialties are created.

There are so many wonderful plant-based fabrics that involve no cruelty against our planet or animals. I love learning about sustainable textiles and technology that makes the process of fabric manufacturing more environmentally friendly. But from my experience, I found that the best option for Niole is to take advantage of local specialties. Being from Lithuania, I chose to work with locally produced linen. After all, our people have been developing its production for hundreds of years!

Niole Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around the freedom of your own body. We believe the human body (the natural, imperfect, true human body) to be beautiful and we believe that beauty comes in more than one standard shape. But we also understand that self-love is sometimes a journey and exposing our complexes when we’re not ready can make us feel uncomfortable. That’s why we offer a variety of designs that will allow you to choose whether you want to cover up or feel more sun on your skin!

Our clothes are handmade in our atelier, where our small team works together. Our studio is placed just outside the city of Klaipeda in Lithuania, right on the coast of the Baltic sea. Its decor looks more like a home than a sewing atelier - the walls are made from wood, there’s always music playing in the background, there’s just enough of creative mess to make things fun and the smell of linen always overflows the space. We create a positive environment and we hope we can pass some of that positivity on to the parcels that we prepare.

Our main goal is to be kind to nature - that’s why we use sustainable and vegan materials and we donate 10% of our profits to environmental charities. But nature includes your body as well and we want our clothing to help boost your self love. We always marvel at the beauty of nature, these magical Baltic sunsets and mysterious pine forests that surround us, but we always remember that our bodies are part of it all. You are part of the world’s beauty and we hope a creation from Niole will always help you remember that!