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Linen is one of the most sustainable natural fibres. If well cared for, it can serve for generations. Here are a few small tips on how to care for your linen clothing:

  • Wash only on gentle programs and in no more than 30 degrees celsius;
  • Treat stains before washing (you can use washing products or baking soda);
  • Linen easily wrinkles, so be sure to spray some water on it before ironing. You can also iron it while it is still damp after washing. Linen is known to be a wrinkling fabric, so it is okay not to iron it at all - the crumpled look can be part of linen’s natural charm!
  • Avoid leaving or drying your garment in direct sunlight as it tends to fade the colour (with the exception of white items);
  • Avoid drying in the dryer as some natural fabrics tend to shrink (especially the cotton-linen blend items);
  • If there are ever any questions or problems with your purchased clothes, do not hesitate to contact us. It is important for us to promote circularity. We do not want you to dispose of your garments, we want you to consider them as valuable heirlooms and we are always eager to help!