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Colour Palette

*Note that all our colours have limited quantities. The time gap between restocks can be up 3 months.

Starlit Night

There are nights when the skies are completely clear and the stars seem to make the sky shine. On those nights, the sky looks like the perfect middle between black and blue, retaining some mystery of the dark with the added magic of starlight. 

Wild Oceans

When oceans seem alive with wild waves, the colour of the water seems to gain a double shade, a mix of white splashes and blue water from the ocean’s depths. They come together to create an optically light blue colour that becomes even brighter when these wild waves are lit by sun.

Milky Way

Our Milky Way colour is meant to bring a bit of the magical galaxy dust to your wardrobe. Even though the Milky Way is originally white, when the try to see it or capture it from our home, it often shows up in the loveliest palette of cosmic purples. The sight is nothing short of magical and our palette wouldn’t be complete without this shade!

Summer Sunset

The heat of the summer tends to tone down the colours of sunsets on our Baltic coast. While in winter they’re fiery orange and red, in summer our sunsets are coloured by gentle pastel pinks. This fabric is that magical summer evening light in a solid form, meant to shine on you and keep the summer warmth with you all throughout the year.

Morning Mist

As pure as the morning mist, this is the colour of undyed linen. The light beige shade was created by nature itself - when linen was still just a plant in the soil, it was blessed with a lot of sunshine, which is why the fabric turned out so light. The fabric of the Morning Mist shade is a little heavier than the rest of our colours and remember that it’s natural and undyed, so it has a gently visible texture. 


Evening Fog

As moody as the evening fog, this is another colour of undyed linen. The darker greyish shade was created by nature itself - when linen was still just a plant in the soil, it was blessed with a lot of rain, which is why the fabric turned out a little darker. The fabric of the Evening Fog shade is a little heavier than the rest of our colours and remember that it’s natural and undyed, so it has a gently visible texture. 


Soft Moonlight

When the moon is rising and there is just the gentlest hint of transparent clouds in the sky, the sun shines a soft, golden light on our natural satellite. It’s a balance between a light brown and bronze with a hint of gold and even a little silver. The most precious colours came together in that delicate light that shines it’s magic down on us in these rare perfect moonrises.

Martian Dust

Even though we haven’t yet been to Mars, we dream about being able to travel between planets. Scientists have provided us with so many magnificent shots of the red planet that we feel like we can easily imagine travelling around it in our dreams. This colour is inspired by the bronze shades of Martian canyons and this fabric is as if a piece from far away space, some Martian dust blown over to us by cosmic winds.

Flying Raven

The dark colouring of ravens surrounded them with tales of mystery. It’s considered to be the bird of magic, someone able to see beyond darkness and hear nature’s secrets. Every time we see ravens flying, with their wings spread wide, we can feel their freedom and fearlessness. Our Flying Raven colour is your raven feathers, meant to help you be just as free and fearless as these magical birds.

Enchanted Forest

After days of endless rain, one morning just as the sun is rising, the forest becomes overfilled with a mysterious fog. As the first rays of sunshine light the woodland, the fog seems to light up and the vibrant colours of greenery bounce off of rain soaked leaves and moss. That moment is captured in our Enchanted Forest colour - just where golden fog and forest greens meet in the enchanting morning light.


Frosted Meadows

When small crystals of frost rest gently on green grass, the meadows seem to create a new shade of green. Something gentle and calm, a fragile moment that only needs a little bit of sunlight to disappear. Our Frosted Meadows colour is meant to keep the frosted meadow magic alive, through sunlight, winds and storms, all throughout the year.

Rose Garden

Red roses have so many shades depending on their location and light, but our favourite colour comes in autumn. After being soaked in rain, the rose finds its dark, dramatic shade. Often it’s the moment right before it scatters away its leaves and goes to rest until it’s time to bloom again. Our Rose Garden shade is here to be your own deep red, rain soaked rose petals.

Sunlit Rowan

Rowan berries have a vibrant complex shade that shines through to us from miles away. In the depth of the forest, rowan berries are a little darker, a deeper red that when hit by sunlight, gains an extraordinary bright colour.

Morning Sunlight

It seems as if it’s not a colour - it’s just warm, reassuring light. That light was captured in our Morning Sunlight shade of white linen with a soft yellow undertone.


We try to display our colours as well as possible, but the shade on the screen and in reality may look slightly different. Also, consider that natural fabrics tend to react to light and the shades may slightly change in different lightings.