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Our Story


I’m Guste, the head and hands behind our little brand Niole. Originally from a coastal town Klaipeda in Lithuania, I grew up surrounded by nature, listening to myths and stories about our land, told by my beloved grandmother. It’s exactly this heritage that later inspired me to create Niole.


I started Niole when I was trying to cope with demands of a chronic illness. Feeling abandoned and failed by modern world medicine and ways of healing, I dived into the old world traditions and rituals. I embraced the magical way of life, exchanged chemical medicine for herbs, hospital bed for time in nature and the feeling of weakness for finding my inner power. 

During this healing time, I started researching manifestation, living life by design and the power of energies that surround us. I knew I wanted to share my experience and help others heal the way I did (or am). So I used my craft, which I studied for over 10 years, and decided to create a mindful and spiritual clothing label. My focus is on natural fibre properties and colour magic.

 Because I feel as if I was healed by nature, I believe it to be my saviour and I have endless love and respect for it. That is why I make sure we give back through our work - in addition to only using environmentally friendly production techniques and materials, we also donate to plant one tree with each sale and we use part of our earnings to support worldwide animal protection.

 While we are so happy to provide you with apparel to enhance your magic, always remember that the actual power resides within you - and YOU are always enough!