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Why Niole?

Niole is based on the belief of natural healing powers and old world magical traditions. We believe that we only need what is given to us by nature to lead a full and healthy life. As such, we harness the powers of natural fibres and colours to enhance our inner magic and we give back to the natural world by donating to environmental charities.



3 reasons why you should choose Niole:

#1 Premium Linen Fabrics

Ethically and locally produced, sustainable and vegan linen, manufactured right here in Lithuania. Our people have been developing the production of linen through centuries, discovering many of its most enchanting secrets. Our linen guarantees durability, it is kind to earth and your skin.


#2 Secrets Of The Craft

Everything, from the cut of the fabrics to the well thought out finishings, we’ve applied in order to guarantee durability. I’ve spent 10 years studying the secrets of the sewing craft, from traditional Lithuanian craftsmanship, to developed industrial techniques, to the thorough precision of haute couture. I’ve created a set of techniques that I believe are the best ones achieved in the craft of sewing and we use the combination of them when making our apparel. All the little details, such as inverted seams, double stitching, double folds, hand sewn classic zippers, have been carefully crafted to create truly sustainable clothing. Most of these techniques have been used (and still are used today) in the most acknowledged Parisian Haute Couture houses.  


#3: Giving back

We have endless gratitude for the gifts nature provides us with, therefore we make sure that we give back to it. One tree is planted with each sale and we use part of our profits to support worldwide animal protection organisations. We also donate to temporary charities that emerge when situations cause it to (such as support during forest fires).

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